Month: March 2023

Bada Bean Bada Boom Benefits

Bada bean bada boom is a vegan, high-fiber snack made from broad beans (also called fava beans). They roast non-GMO beans with a touch of sunflower oil and seasonings for a crunchy snack that’s full of protein. The brand recently introduced two saucy new flavors, Zesty Ranch and Sweet Onion & Mustard. These deliciously seasoned

Slimbe Robotics Benefits From External Magnets

The Chinese University of Hong Kong has developed a magnetic slime that can be manipulated like a robot. Made of a blend of polyvinyl alcohol (a polymer), borax, and neodymium magnet particles, it’s a non-Newtonian fluid that can be controlled using external magnets. It can stretch up to seven times its original length, grow an

How Shopee Benefits Your eCommerce Business

Shopee has become one of the top e-commerce sites in Southeast Asia. With over 80 million app downloads, it has a solid user base across the region. Its customer-first philosophy and strong focus on providing a friendly buying and selling experience have helped it to gain traction among local shoppers. It also offers a number

Preply Benefits

Preply is a language learning platform that connects students and tutors. They offer a number of benefits to both sides, including flexible teaching hours and a wide range of tutors. Tutors have the ability to set their own hourly rate and can work from home or anywhere else they want to teach. They also have