DealHub – What Are the Dealhub Benefits?

Dealhub is a cloud-based platform that provides a range of tools that help you to automate and streamline your sales process. This includes CPQ, guided selling, digital playbooks and real-time insights on buyer engagement and disposition. As a result, it allows you to reduce your sales cycle time and costs, and improve your sales productivity.


DealHub CPQ is a comprehensive solution that allows sales teams to provide the right price points to their buyers. This quoting tool offers a dynamic guided workflow, eliminating manual work while providing real-time insights. The tools are simple to use and can be configured without a developer’s help.

Guided selling ensures that sales reps are following best practices. It also reduces errors and ensures quotes adhere to organizational pricing strategies. With the best CPQ technology, you can generate error-free quotes faster and more accurately than manual processes.

DealHub CPQ can help you close more deals, and make them as easy as possible to manage. Sales reps can customize their quotes and documents, and sales managers can gain better insight into the sales pipeline. They can also track metrics and improve the time it takes to produce proposals.

Guided selling

Guided selling is a tool that helps sales reps propose products and services that are in line with the customer’s needs. It uses machine learning to analyze data and offer personalized recommendations.

Guided selling provides an opportunity to increase customer satisfaction. When consumers are given the right information at the right time, they will feel more satisfied and likely to purchase more frequently.

Guided selling plays a vital role in ensuring that sales reps and buyers are in tune with each other. This can be done through a series of questions that ask the consumer about their preferences and needs. These questions are then used to generate customized quotes.

Guided selling can be implemented as software or an app. The latter allows retailers to sell products directly to consumers through their websites.

Digital playbooks

Dealhub is a digital work hub for sales teams, delivering tools to streamline business processes, including e-signature and dynamic content generation. The platform is also a CRM solution that connects teams and processes for a unified revenue strategy.

Using the DealHub platform, sales teams can deliver personalized proposals that increase predictability and visibility. They can deliver accurate quotes faster and close more deals. Also, a sales playbook can improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that every interaction is tailored to the buyer’s needs.

DealHub’s guided selling playbook helps you identify the right products for each buyer, and reminds you when it’s time to upsell. It also automatically tracks and reminds you of the appropriate cross-sells. Combined with the automated discount approval workflow, you can accelerate the sales process and reduce the time it takes to close.

Real-time insights on buyer engagement and disposition

DealHub offers real-time insights on buyer engagement and disposition. This allows the sales team to get better insights on the buyers’ behavior and preferences, leading to more effective interactions with them. Moreover, DealHub’s system also enables sales reps to collaborate online with the buyer. They can access a number of customizable quote templates and geo-pricing features that enable faster configuration of quotes.

DealHub’s CPQ module provides customizable quote templates, advanced discount functionality, and full quote version tracking. It can also generate 100% accurate quotes in eight minutes. The system asks prospect questions based on rules-based logic, and it prompts quotes according to user policies. Besides, DealHub CPQ also enables users to set the maximum discount threshold. In addition, the CPQ module supports multi-currency pricing.

Average salary of Dealhub Ltd. employees

DealHub is an Austin, Texas based company that is focused on delivering a unified lead to cash solution to its clients. The company provides a range of services spanning contract management, sales enablement and content sharing. Aside from providing a central hub for deal-related assets, DealHub also ensures that revenue is not being siphoned off by third party services. For instance, it offers a CPQ platform that helps sales reps generate accurate quotes for potential customers.

The company’s chief products and services include the DealHub CPQ platform, its Deal Acceleration Platform, its Deal Management System, and its Contract Management solution. These products help increase the productivity of the sales team, improves the efficiency of the overall sales process and helps Sales Operations leaders achieve their revenue goals.