Electric Bike Company Benefits

If you like to get out and explore your local area, an electric bike will help you cover more ground in less time. They’re also a great way to help reduce petrol emissions, as well as saving on car maintenance costs.

Unlike other e-bike brands who ship their bikes directly from overseas, Electric Bike Company builds, tests and ships all their e-bikes from Newport Beach. This allows them to offer a long warranty on the frame and motor.

Healthier Employees

Ebikes allow people to get on the road who wouldn’t consider cycling before, for example due to hills, distance or age. They can ride with a smile on their face knowing that they are doing good for themselves and the environment.

Employees who cycle to work tend to take fewer sick days, as exercise is good for your immune system. Keeping employees happy, healthy and motivated is vital for a productive workforce.

Companies can offer a Cycle to Work scheme to help their employees buy an ebike and accessories with a saving of 25-29%. This can be a great way to increase engagement amongst your employees, and shows that you care about their well being. In addition, staff who cycle to work won’t need parking spaces at the office, a big advantage for your company in terms of space. You could even invest in a fleet of ebikes to offer a try before you buy option for your employees and encourage them to become a regular cyclist.

More Productivity

When employees don’t feel tired or stressed, they can focus on their jobs and be more productive. Cycling to work on an electric bike is also fun and can help keep staff morale high. This in turn can lead to reduced company illness and absence.

Employers are also beginning to realize the benefits of ebikes by offering Cycle to Work schemes that allow them to hire bikes and safety equipment for their employees. This helps to reduce the cost of transport and can help encourage employees to try cycling for shorter journeys or even to commute home again.

One of the big advantages of being an electric bike manufacturer in the US is that you can completely oversee the production process. Unlike many third-party e-bike factories who ship bikes to the USA in tiny boxes, EBC builds them on site from bare frames and uses the same parts for every build. This allows them to ensure that everything is correctly assembled and can spot and resolve issues that could have otherwise slipped past.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

The carbon footprint is a measure of the amount of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases) that you produce over the course of your lifetime. Reducing your carbon footprint can help mitigate climate change and the resulting global warming.

Cycling is a natural way to reduce your carbon footprint as it emits no pollutants and requires far less energy than most cars. The use of e-bikes can further reduce your environmental impact as they are zero-emission vehicles and provide the power to cover long distances.

The use of a pool bike also helps encourage staff to cycle to work and can be a great way for new cyclists to get into the sport without committing to cycling to work straight away. It is also an excellent tool for reducing sickness and absence as it allows staff to take a break from commuting. The pedal assist function also means that people can ride on hills with a greater level of comfort and fitness than they would be able to achieve on a regular bicycle.

Less Maintenance

E-bikes require far less maintenance than cars. While an initial investment is significant, it’s a much smaller cost than maintaining a fleet of company vehicles. E-bikes also reduce the amount of car journeys which means roads are maintained more efficiently.

Especially since COVID-19, people have become hyper aware of germs and bacteria. Many public transport users have turned to hand sanitiser, face masks and social distancing in a bid to avoid picking up any unwanted germs.

E-bikes can be used by staff to make short trips, and a pool bike scheme is ideal for holiday parks, hotels and tour operators who want to offer guests the opportunity to see the local area without using their car. Markel Specialty can provide an e-bike insurance policy that starts from just $100 per year, covering theft, damage and more.