How Yooji Benefits Your Health

Yooji is a French start-up that produces and markets a range of safe, tasty and simple organic baby foods. All its products are gluten-free and contain no additives.

Founded in 2012, Yooji provides frozen baby meals in portion sizes. It offers recipes prepared with organic ingredients or from sustainable fishing, gluten-free and without additives. Thanks to gentle cooking and rapid freezing, the nutritional qualities of the ingredients are preserved.

Balanced nutrition

Having the right nutrition can help you stay healthy. A balanced diet helps your body grow and repair its functions, prevents deficiency of vitamins and minerals, and supports immunity.

A balanced diet comprises foods from five groups: fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy and whole grains. These groups provide all the nutrients that your body needs to function properly and promote a healthy weight.

The exact make-up of a balanced diet will vary depending on your age, gender, lifestyle and degree of physical activity. It is important to choose a variety of foods that are nutrient-rich and low in calories, fats and sugars.

A healthy balanced diet includes the right amount of all three macronutrients — protein, carbohydrates and fats. This will give you the energy to stay active, support your basal metabolic rate and keep you feeling full.

Healthy weight

It is important to be in a healthy weight range for your overall health. Gaining too much weight over time can increase your risk of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

You can control weight gain by being active and eating a balanced diet with plenty of fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, fish, meat, milk and cheese. Drinking plenty of water is also beneficial.

Yooji provides tasty meals in baby portions that are cooked and frozen gently and quickly to preserve their quality. The recipes are made with organic ingredients or from sustainable fishing, without additives and gluten-free.

Danone’s investment arm Danone Manifesto Ventures (DMV) has taken a minority stake in French organic baby food maker Yooji. The tie-up brings Danone a window into the world of young, disruptive start-ups that are challenging established food manufacturers.

Healthy immune system

The immune system is made up of various organs, cells and proteins that fight off germs and toxins that could make you sick. It does so in a very delicate balance.

A strong immune system is essential for good health. When it’s working correctly, you won’t even notice that your immune system is protecting your body from disease-causing substances and germs.

But when it gets weak or can’t fight off particularly aggressive germs, you get ill. Your immune system also changes throughout your life, a process that makes it more likely to come down with a specific type of infection, like chickenpox or shingles.

Maintaining a healthy immune system requires several key factors, including a balanced diet and regular exercise. Plus, you need to take certain vitamins to boost immunity and promote healing from injury.

Healthy brain development

A child’s brain develops more rapidly than any other part of their body, with the most changes occurring from birth to age 5. The quality of a child’s early experiences – positive or negative – can have long-lasting effects on their brain development and future learning and success.

To ensure that children get the best possible start in life, CDC is working to prevent and treat problems with a baby’s development before they happen. Vaccinations are important, as are nutritious foods and nurturing relationships with dependable adults.

During the first three years of a child’s life, they are developing the connections that will be the foundation for learning, communication, self-control and relationship building throughout their lives. These connections are formed through nurturing relationships with responsive, dependable adults and through their interactions with the world around them.