Leaselock Benefits

Leaselock is a nationwide A-rated insurance program that replaces security deposits, surety bonds and guarantors in rental housing. Integrated seamlessly into property management software, it eliminates friction in leasing.

It gives renters a low monthly fee starting at $19 and protects them for 6x their rent. And it helps multifamily operators convert more leases, improve net operating income and reduce bad debt.

Streamlined Lease Checkout

Powered by insurance technology, LeaseLock eliminates deposits, cosigners and bonds for a seamless zero deposit leasing experience. Renters pay a small monthly deposit waiver fee and property receives insurance coverage in exchange, resulting in rent loss and damage claims being paid out within 7 days with no on-site adjusters required. Renters save thousands at move-in, and apartment communities drive more traffic, convert more leases, significantly reduce bad debt and eliminate deposit administration and liability.

LeaseLock’s national A-rated lease insurance program replaces security deposits, guarantors and cosigners at NMHC Top 50 operator properties. LeaseLock’s scalable technology, deep software integrations and continuous risk analysis deliver the lowest cost solution for residents and highest ROI for property management teams.

Reduced Bad Debt

The bad debt to sales ratio is an important metric that provides a clear insight into your company’s credit terms, collection practices, and overall health. Having a low ratio will help your business grow, while also improving your company’s credit terms and cash flow.

Bad debt is inevitable, but there are ways to minimize it. The key is to recognize bad debt exposure early, educate patients on alternative payment options, leverage technology within the workflow, and understand the true cost of care.

The world’s leading insurtech platform for real estate has helped a growing number of multifamily property providers put more renters into homes faster with LeaseLock, the only true security deposit replacement embedded at point-of-lease checkout. Using AI to analyze historical financial data, this premier risk management solution optimizes lease insurance coverage at the asset-level, delivering a stronger leasing conversion and lower bad debt while drastically reducing deposit administration and regulatory risk. Ultimately, this approach delivers a more valuable and efficient apartment community with higher net operating income.

Reduced Deposit Administration

By replacing security deposits, surety bonds and cosigners with lease insurance, LeaseLock eliminates the costly barriers to renting. Instead of an upfront deposit, residents pay a small monthly deposit waiver fee. Property owners obtain insurance coverage for rent loss and damage, eliminating a substantial barrier to leasing and streamlining on-site team workload.

LeaseLock financial technology enables better leasing conversion, stronger NOI asset performance and reduced bad debt for the multifamily industry. The company’s new AI-driven risk platform optimizes lease insurance coverage at the portfolio level, generating superior results.

LeaseLock, the first nationwide A-rated lease insurance program, has been used to replace security deposits at properties operated by NMHC Top 50 operators including Greystar, Equity Residential and Avenue5 Residential, as well as by a number of leading private ownership companies. Fully embedded within the property management software, LeaseLock has a seamless resident experience and claims process that speeds payouts to residents in as little as 48 hours.