Nova Farms Benefits Review

Nova Farms is a licensed adult use store located in Attleboro, Massachusetts. It is open to the public, 21+ with valid identification. The store offers a menu, in-store sales, and plenty of ATMs for customers to use.


Nova Farms is an all-encompassing cannabis company. The company has a diverse selection of high-quality strains. They also offer an array of products, from edibles to concentrates. Their focus is on quality and value.

Nova Farms is committed to making cannabis accessible to everyone. The company’s staff has years of experience working in multiple cannabis farms in Colorado and California.

Nova Farms is the largest privately-held cannabis company in Massachusetts. Nova’s cultivation team has won several awards. Its products are created by experienced scientists.

Nova Farms has two retail dispensaries in Attleboro, MA. There is a variety of recreational and medical marijuana to choose from, including pre-rolls, concentrates, edibles, and vape cartridges. You can also purchase gift cards to use at any Nova Farms location.

The best-selling product at Nova Farms is resin berriez N creme. This is an effective and easy-to-use solventless extract. Since it doesn’t release toxic gasses during extraction, it’s a great choice for people with sensitive taste or respiratory systems.


Nova Farms is a cannabis company with an impressive selection of offerings. In addition to the usual suspects such as vapes, pre-rolls and seeds, they offer a variety of locally sourced accessories.

Aside from the fact that they are a licensed marijuana manufacturer, they also have one of the largest outdoor farms in the country. This enables them to produce some of the best tasting strains in the state. They even freeze the majority of their crops.

They are not limited to flowers though, they also produce high quality concentrates. Their edibles are a treat for the senses. These are made from a pure THC distillate and are made using a state of the art kitchen.

One of their most notable products is the Resin Berriez N Creme. Unlike the usual gummy, this product contains zero toxic gasses during extraction. Obviously, it’s a good idea to use a product that’s safe for your health.

The Nova Farms (Cannabis) name may be familiar to you, but did you know they have 2 locations open? If you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of a farm, you can drop by Nova Farms in Attleboro, MA or the newly opened Cady Brook Cannabis in Southbridge, MA.

Work-life balance

If you’re in the agricultural industry, you’re no doubt aware of the countless studies examining work-life balance. One such study showed that the average farmer works about 65 hours a week. This isn’t too bad if you consider that running a 1,000 cow herd is no different from operating a FTSE 100 company. But what do you do with all that free time?

Thankfully, there’s a solution. Attleboro, MA is home to Nova Farms, a marijuana dispensary. In fact, they are located at 34 Extension St. It’s not your average weed shop, but it does carry a slew of high quality, low cost edibles to boot. Luckily, if you’re looking for a low-key, low-risk, and high reward way to spend your evenings, you’ll find it at Nova Farms.

The best part is that you can find out more about the industry’s best practices, including a new employee orientation program that incorporates a plethora of fun and exciting incentives. From a free lunch, to an eye-popping prize giveaway, you’ll soon be enjoying the benefits of being part of one of the best agricultural companies in the country.


Nova Farms is one of the largest privately held marijuana companies in the state of Massachusetts. The company, located in Attleboro, MA, is dedicated to making cannabis accessible for all.

Nova Farms is a full-service cannabis company. They specialize in cultivation, extraction, and retail. Their motto is that the world should have access to cannabis. Whether you are an avid consumer, or just want to get a taste of the cannabis world, you are sure to find a great experience at Nova Farms.

Nova Farms is the second largest private marijuana company in the state of Massachusetts. The company’s facilities are located in Attleboro and Sheffield. It is also the first commercial outdoor grow operation in Sheffield.

As a company, Nova Farms strives to produce the best quality products. Their products include edibles and concentrates. Also, they offer a wide range of accessories that are made from locally-sourced materials.

At the grand opening ceremony of the new Nova Farms facility in July, Redman performed. Local musicians, food trucks, and a ceremonial green ribbon were all part of the day’s events.