Novakid Review

Novakid offers students interactive, immersive English lessons with native speakers via its virtual classroom platform. The company employs pedagogical best practices, regularly collaborating with education experts and linguists to develop its curriculum.

Novakid keeps kids engaged by using gamified activities to teach language skills. This allows children to practice and repeat English phrases unconsciously, leading to fluency more quickly than traditional methods.


Novakid’s competitive hourly rate makes it a good option for teachers who are looking to earn a decent income from their work. The company’s engaging curriculum, which is designed to help students learn English intuitively as if it were their native language, is also a big plus.

However, some teachers have complained that the company has strict attendance policies and is quick to penalize instructors for technical issues beyond their control. Moreover, the company’s Moscow timezone can make it challenging to balance teaching with other commitments.

It is also important to note that students who are not regular attendees can lose out on the benefits of their lessons, including the ability to practice at home. It is therefore crucial for parents to encourage their children to attend classes regularly so that they can get the most out of their learning experience. This can ultimately lead to significant savings in the long run.

Immersive Learning Environment

Novakid is a unique online learning platform, designed specifically for students. Its pedagogy focuses on creating a supportive learning environment and encouraging student engagement. Novakid also provides regular progress reports and assessments to help students track their language development.

Students sign up for lessons on the Novakid website and are paired with teachers based on their needs, level, and learning objectives. Lessons are held in virtual classrooms, and teachers use a combination of games, visual materials, and video chat to engage students.

Novakid has a competitive hourly rate for teachers and offers incentives such as bonuses for successful trials and referrals. They also provide teachers with curriculum and teaching materials to help them prepare for their lessons. However, teachers must have a modern computer with good internet connection to teach on the platform. This is important because virtual classrooms require clear audio and a reliable Internet connection. Non-native English speakers are also welcome to apply, and can offer a fresh perspective on how to learn English.

Personalized Learning Experience

Novakid’s interactive lessons are not only fun and engaging, but they also help children develop cognitive skills and a global perspective. The company’s unique curriculum provides students with a language learning experience that replicates the conditions under which they likely learned their first language: live one-on-one lessons with native English teachers in a virtual classroom.

Unlike other online English teaching platforms, Novakid requires teachers to hold a bachelor’s degree or higher and have extensive ESL teaching experience. It also requires a high-quality TEFL certification such as CELTA or DELTA. Moreover, the company’s pay scale is competitive and Novakid has several perks for its employees.

If you’re interested in becoming a Novakid teacher, you should note that the hiring process is rigorous and includes a 25-minute interview that includes a demo lesson. In addition, you must complete a self-paced course on the Novakid platform to learn their methodologies and software. This will allow you to feel confident during your interview and demonstrate that you can adapt to their unique teaching style.

Empowering Children for the Digital Age

Novakid’s curriculum and teaching methods are rooted in research and pedagogical best practices. It regularly collaborates with educational experts, linguists, and child psychologists to keep its offerings fresh and relevant. Novakid also recognizes that different children learn in different ways. To this end, the platform employs a wide range of learning materials and techniques to ensure that every student can absorb information at their own pace. Visual learners thrive with interactive visual aids, auditory students are engaged by listening exercises, and kinesthetic learners are stimulated by hands-on activities.

Teachers at novakid are trained to understand the needs and abilities of young students and use innovative technology to deliver effective language lessons. They are also committed to fostering positive relationships with students located around the world.

novakid’s impact is evident through the numerous testimonials and success stories shared by its customers. The company’s unique digital approach eliminates geographical barriers and enables children with diverse learning needs to thrive.