Unisoc Benefits

Unisoc, which was once known as Spreadtrum, makes smartphone chipsets. Their budget processors are found in entry-level phones and are very popular in Africa and Asia.

Hellobike two-wheeled electric bike’s battery swapping cabinet use Unisoc chip to make it easier for riders to query the location and details of cabinets, thereby increasing user loyalty.

1. High Performance

Unisoc processors are designed to offer high performance and a good battery life. They are used in a variety of devices, including smartphones and tablets. The processors are also known for their high level of security. However, it was recently discovered that some Unisoc chips have a serious flaw that could allow hackers to steal data from smartphones.

The UNISOC SC9863A features an eight-core CPU and supports UFS 2.1 storage. It also uses a fifth generation Vivimagic image engine for better performance. This allows it to improve the camera’s processing capacity and enable more innovative functions, such as augmented reality, real-time background change and intelligent photo retouching. This chip is available in many affordable Android phones. It is also capable of supporting fast and secure connections with 5G.

2. Low Power Consumption

Unisoc has recently ramped up its production of mobile processors. As a result, many phones have started using their chipsets. However, a new study by Check Point Research has revealed that these chipsets may be vulnerable to hacking.

The Unisoc SC9863A is used in phones like the Doogee N10, Itel Vision 1, and Teclast P80x. The chip has four CPU cores and can handle most Android apps and games.

The Unisoc CM-MT2531M is the latest SoC from the company. It’s designed for 5G, supporting sub-6 GHz bands and NSA/SA dual-mode networking. It also offers VoNR high-resolution audio and video calling. The chip is powered by a 2.6GHz octa-core CPU and ARM Mali-G57 GPU. Its power consumption is lower than previous generations to improve battery life.

3. Low Cost

Unisoc has a strong focus on customer service. They have a one-stop testing service for customers and offer an extensive portfolio of products including mobile communication central processing units, baseband chips, radio frequency front-end chips and radio frequency control chips.

They also provide innovative power technologies that can greatly reduce bill of materials and power consumption, while delivering improved performance. Unisoc’s advanced FinFET node technology is used to improve the energy efficiency and BOM cost of its products.

The company’s low-cost SoCs help manufacturers produce affordable Android phones and tablets. These devices enable people in Africa to move into the digital era; help elderly citizens get into smartphones and enjoy functions such as one-click call, GPS tracking, SOS emergency warning and health monitoring; and support students to receive online learning via tablet products.

4. Wide Range of Applications

In the past years, UNISOC’s products have gained recognition and trust of hundreds of mainstream customers including 24 global top telecommunication operating partners. Its global product shipments have reached 700 million yearly.

Unisoc (formerly Spreadtrum) is owned by the Tsinghua Uni group. They make smartphone chips that are used by many Chinese phone brands like HONOR, vivo, Motorola and ZTE.

Unisoc has a solid reputation in the entry level Android phone market as they were very popular with many of those phones back when Android was light and didn’t need a lot of resources to run. By 2017, however, people started to wise up and Unisoc took a beating. They then rereleased their 2014 SoC designs with new CPU cores and renamed them. This helped them recover their position in the smartphone chip market.

5. Fast Development

Unisoc, the former Spreadtrum Communications, is one of the world’s largest designers of mobile phone chips. It is based in Shanghai, China. Its chips power many budget smartphones, particularly those sold in Asia and Africa. It has 11% of the global smartphone processor market.

The company is a leading 5G solutions provider in the fabless semiconductor industry and is dedicated to creating a digital era accessible to both individuals and industries. Its advanced technology has enabled it to provide wireless communications baseband and RF processors with strong multimedia functionality and powerful power management features.

UNISOC’s latest ARM-based chip, IVY5623, supports up to 8K video playback and 4K IPTV and STB/CPE applications. It uses Imagination’s Series2NX AI core to deliver benchmark-leading performance. Its wide feature set includes support for the most popular HDR video formats and image processing.